Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV
  • Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV
  • Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV
  • Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV
  • Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV
  • Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV

Solar kit 15kVA tri HP-HV

VAT included

Our High Power/High Voltage kits are designed to enable you to implement a safe and easy-to-use high-performance solar power system that is both reliable and durable, and can be upgraded over time.

As manufacturers, we are also among the few companies that can provide you with genuine support, both for professional installers and for enthusiasts who wish to install the system themselves.

Starting from 2100 euros. Feel free to contact us to receive a personalized quote.

*Refer to the product description to learn about the kit's composition.

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The kit consists of:

- One or more 400V batteries, sourced from automotive, second-life, or new. Available capacities range from 15.5 kWh to hundreds of kWh.
- One or more 400V hybrid inverters, both single-phase and three-phase, ranging from 5.5 kW to over 150 kW.
- An exclusive interface system that enables reliable communication between the inverter and the battery, providing performance reporting on the inverter interface.
- DIN AC, DC battery, and solar protection panels, along with a source inverter that can immediately - and optionally automatically - switch the entire power supply back to the grid in case of inverter failure.
- Solar panels: we can provide them, but we leave the supply to you, given the fluctuating nature of this market.

Since each customer has different needs and constraints, each kit is customizable (PV power, inverter, battery capacity, etc).

Indeed, even with identical solar and inverter power, individuals and businesses often have different storage requirements...

Our kits are expandable, designed to be installed without specialized tools, pre-wired to the maximum extent, and easy to maintain.

We guarantee the supply of spare parts and thus repairability for 10 years.

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